Understand the structure of virtual assistant costs in India with India Virtual Assistant

Understand the structure of virtual assistant costs in India with India Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant means you have time and energy for more core business work. Better decision-making and innovation take place only when you give sufficient time there. If you try to handle everything on your own, this won’t help your business at all. Trying to handle all tasks on your own means you are welcoming more mess on the table. But smart entrepreneurs or small business owners simply go for India-based virtual assistant services and create room for growth and innovation. So, if you have a plan to hire the same service, you should know more about the virtual assistant cost in India

Which is the best firm to get high-quality virtual assistant services? 

India is technologically advanced and has a really wide talent base. So, getting quality work won’t be a challenge if you choose a leading firm like India Virtual Assistant. Before hiring any company, you should conduct deep research about the benefits and pricing plans. In the previous blog, we have discussed the major benefits of virtual assistant services, you can read that by clicking here

Today, this blog will concentrate on the pricing factors that you can enjoy with any leading VA service provider. 

virtual assistant price in India
virtual assistant price

Plans and pricing 

Any reliable firm will offer you plenty of pricing plans so that you can choose the best one based on your requirements. They will also offer you a free consultation so that you can choose the best plan. If you are hiring VA services for the very first time, it will be hard for you to determine the best plan. And that’s why you should go for a free consultation. India Virtual Assistant always offers free consultation services so that their clients can choose the most suitable plan and get the maximum out of that plan. 

Presently, India Virtual Assistant is offering 4 amazing plans- starter plan, basic plan, business plan, and corporate plan. Apart from the starter plan, you will get an exciting discount on every plan listed on the site. Based on your organisation’s needs, you can easily choose the best plan and pay a reasonable virtual assistant price

Versatility of plans 

There will definitely be a fixed set of practices for every pricing plan. But they should be flexible and versatile enough. India Virtual Assistant maintains it accordingly so that they can better serve their clients than their competitors.  

All plans designed by India Virtual Assistant cover- 

  • Dedicated India-based English-speaking virtual assistants for each client so that no communication gap takes place due to language differences or geographical differences. 
  • For each client, there will be a dedicated project manager, the single point of contact, so that you can get all important updates on a regular basis. Managers are always there, keeping a close eye on your project to ensure smooth operations and your business growth. 
  • Even on weekends, you can get services from them. They are round-the-clock functional, even on weekends. No other companies offer this benefit to their clients. But India Virtual Assistant is different and better for many reasons like this. 
  • You can reach them at any time using any popular communication medium like Skype, Hangout, email, phone, or anything more you prefer to use. 
  • The most important fact is that they are equipped with the best software and infrastructure to keep the entire thing truly safe and secure. They use the next-gen tools and technologies to offer you the best services and smooth VA experiences. 
virtual assistant price in India
virtual assistant price in India

Benefits of hiring a VA from a company like India Virtual Assistant

  1. The biggest perk of outsourcing is the reduced costs. You can outsource your non-core tasks to India Virtual Assistant and enjoy quality services and timely delivery. The currency value differentiation makes these services more cost-effective for you. 
  2. When non-core tasks are getting handled by the expert automatically, you will have more time to concentrate on core work. The more you concentrate on core things, the closer you reach towards innovation. 
  3. You can scale up or scale down services whenever you need them without paying anything extra. They are flexible enough to handle any increased need from their clients. You just need to inform them accordingly. 
  4. They assign only those employees who have the best skill sets to satisfy all your unique business requirements. Hiring a virtual assistant from India means you get access to a real talent base at a 50% or less cost than in your home country. Isn’t that exciting? 
  5. It also reduces your liability and risks that you need to bear in case you hire in-house employees to handle the assistant requirements. 

Enjoying all these benefits has become easy as India Virtual Assistant is here with its best VA services at a reasonable rate. Before you hire any services, study well to understand the structure of virtual assistant costs in India and then make an informed decision.