Using a Virtual Assistant for Social Media Management

Due to the active participation of competitors and customers on social
media, it has become an essential element for brand building, lead generation
and maintaining a good online reputation. If the numerous social media channels
and frequent engagement is leaving you stressed, do not fret, our social media
savvy virtual assistants are here to help. Instead of wasting your time on
social media engagement, you can focus on strategy, sales and order fulfilment
while India Virtual Assistant does the heavy lifting on all your social media
accounts. Our virtual assistant service for social media management is very
reasonably priced and you get the benefit of a dedicated VA who is trained on
your brand and style of social media engagement. We can deploy VAs 24×7 which
gives you incredible coverage and flexibility.

Some of the social media management domains in which our Virtual Assistant
specialize are:

– Posting daily, weekly and monthly content on your social media handles
like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.  

– Assisting in creating a content strategy aligned with your brand,
product/service and the social media platform.

– Updating new business and product information on social media

– Sending invites to people to like and follow your company’s social
media pages.

– Attracting a larger audience to your company’s blogs via your social
media handles.

– Creating a business page on various websites like Facebook and

– Collecting information about newly launched products and services of

– Sharing of posts on the social media platforms.

-Commenting on relevant posts and replying to comments on your social
media accounts.

-Generate periodic reports for analyzing social media engagement

We have very flexible virtual assistant plans to suit every need, from just 20 hours/month to a full time virtual assistant who is trained and dedicated to your project. Get in touch with us today!

Sound like the kind of team you want to work with?