Using a Virtual Assistant for Call Answering

Are you a busy professional or a growing company with increasing volume
of incoming calls from customers and prospects? Do you find yourself spending
hours each day handling calls when that time could be better spent on business
development, sales or order fulfilment? Do a lot of your calls go to voice mail
or are left unanswered? What you need is a subscription to our virtual assistant
call answering service. Our experienced virtual assistants are first trained on
your product or services, company profile etc. and are then deployed to answer all
incoming calls as per your instructions.

While you cannot answer calls 24×7 our virtual assistant service
functions round the clock so that you never miss any calls and don’t lose out
on new business. Your customers will be impressed by our professional call
answering service and it will lead to more business and satisfied clients. You
will also save big since our virtual assistant services start from a very low
price since we are based out of India. Our VAs are very fluent in English and
have a neutral, easy to understand accent.

Our virtual assistants are capable of delivering the following call
answering services–

– Attending customer’s queries as trained by you.

– Take and record a message on your behalf.

– Detailed summary of calls attended on your behalf along with suggested
follow up action.

–  On-call Appointment scheduling.

We have very flexible virtual assistant plans to suit every need, from
just 20 hours/month to a full time virtual assistant who is trained and
dedicated to your project. Get in touch with us today!

Sound like the kind of team you want to work with?