Using a Virtual Assistant for Travel Planning

Any busy professional who has had to manage travel plans along with
their core jobs would testify to how much time this task consumes. If you have ever planned business travel and especially for a group of people, you would know how many variables are there and how time consuming this gets.

From travel itinerary planning to booking flights, hotels, transfer, car rentals to arranging for meeting venues, conference venues etc. it can get overwhelming. Moreover, you do not end up getting the best flight connections and travel deals since you don’t have the time to dig deeper and carry out a thorough online research before booking.

At India Virtual Assistants, our virtual assistants have years of experience with business and personal travel, both domestic and international. They are adept at finding the best deals and securing the best flight connections and help you to plan and book every leg of your trip from the beginning to the end including:

  • Creating travel itineraries
  • Researching visa requirements for international travel
  • Researching and booking the best flight connections and at best prices
  • Researching and booking conveniently located premium hotels at lowest
  • possible rates
  • Finding suitable restaurants near your hotel or meeting venue
  • Booking airport transfers and car rental
  • Identifying meeting/conference venues and negotiating with the vendors

It’s time you get your own travel planner with India Virtual Assistants.
We deploy a dedicated VA so that he/she understands your needs and becomes an integral part of your travels much like a personal assistant would. He/she would understand your preferences in terms of flights, hotels, restaurants and would already have all the information required to make the bookings on your behalf.

Our virtual assistants can also manage any travel related correspondence
with the airlines such as upgrades, flight changes or cancellations. They can also help you with administrative tasks while you are travelling such as answer calls, take messages, check your mailbox etc. 

We have very flexible virtual assistant plans to suit every need, from just 20 hours/month to a full time virtual assistant who is trained and dedicated to your project. Get in touch with us today!

Sound like the kind of team you want to work with?