Using a Virtual Assistant for Content Planning & Writing

As they say these days, content is king. The content on your website or marketing collateral or social media etc. plays a crucial role in attracting the right audience and thereby building your brand which ultimately leads to leads and sales. Content planning and development is thus a very important business area today.

The more interesting and detailed your content, the larger your audience. Most company websites have blogs as a result or are active on social media but it is one thing to simply have presence and quite another to create & share quality content for your niche audience. Poor quality content can turn away prospective customers and they do judge your professional abilities by the quality of the content you share. It’s better to not share anything than share sub-standard, half-baked content. Content also has a big, big, role in search engine optimization nowadays.

If you find yourself or your business lacking an experience content developer for your website or blog or social media channels, you are absolutely at the right place. While hiring a full time content developer can prove to be a very expensive proposition with India Virtual Assistant you can get a dedicated virtual assistant to take on your content planning and content writing work at a fraction of the costs. Our virtual assistants can also do online research to develop detailed blog posts, articles etc.

Our VA’s are capable of taking care of the following content related tasks:

– Content planning

– Secondary research / internet research

– Writing blog posts

– Writing detailed research based articles

– Writing news based posts

– Creating content for social media

– Curating and creating original business content.

– Developing website content.

We will deploy a virtual assistant with experience in content planning & content writing who would first be trained on your requirements and would go on to work as your remote VA, reporting in to you directly and seamlessly via online tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

We have very flexible virtual assistant plans to suit every need, from just 20 hours/month to a full time virtual assistant who is trained and dedicated to your project. Get in touch with us today!

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