The 5 step-efficient process your chosen virtual assistant outsourcing firm must follow

The success of an entrepreneur depends on the dedication and hard effort of a community of highly-qualified persons. Modern entrepreneurs are no doubt versatile and handle lots of important tasks single-handedly. But when a business starts to grow, handling everything on your own is not a wise choice as it can distract you from the core responsibilities. So, what’s the effective solution for modern-day entrepreneurs? There is only one effective solution, and that is hiring the best virtual assistant company in India. Expert virtual assistants will take care of all your non-core business tasks so that you can better concentrate on tasks that smoothen the process of innovation. 

Hiring a virtual assistant means you are opening the door to opportunities for your business. You can enjoy plenty of benefits that will take your business to the next level. If you want to know more about the benefits that an efficient virtual assistant can add to your business, you must read our previous blog. But one thing is very much prominent, and that is the depth of benefits solely depends on the type of outsourcing firm you are choosing. 

virtual assistant 24/7
virtual assistant 24/7

If it comes to hiring the best virtual assistant firm, India Virtual Assistant has become the first preference of many entrepreneurs. Among all other benefits, the process that India Virtual Assistant follows has become a major reason for entrepreneurs to accept this firm as their first preference. 

So, let’s check the process that India Virtual Assistant follows for their clients- 

Step 1: process discovery & skill identification 

It starts with understanding the process that a business wants to outsource. In the first place, they make sure which skills you are looking for in a virtual assistant. How many assistants you need, how many hours you need in a day, preferable shift timing, skills & experience, and so many other questions they discuss before deploying the most eligible virtual assistant 24/7 for a business process. 

Step 2: Contractual formalities 

Once they understand what you need in terms of a virtual assistant, they will move the process to the next step. In the next step, they will sign a simple contract and NDA. all your business information will remain safe with India Virtual Assistant. It does not charge anything in advance, and that’s the biggest difference from other VA outsourcing firms. On the other hand, you can exit the contract just by providing a 1-month notice. 

Step 3: Deployment of virtual assistant 

Once the paperwork is done, you will get a project manager. The project manager will be the first point of contact. You can also connect with all team members if you wish. But to get daily updates, you can easily reach the project manager. The recruitment and assessment processes we follow are highly advanced so that we can equip our clients with the best virtual assistants. Even clients can conduct a technical interview to check the skill level of the VAs. The process will take hardly one to two weeks after signing the contract. 

Best virtual assistant company in India
Best virtual assistant company in India

Step 4: Training & onboarding 

Once you share your requirements and culture, the project manager will train the employee or the entire team. Every business is unique as per its requirements. And that’s why it is important to enable a training session before onboarding the virtual clients for a client. Once VAs are fully trained and understand your requirements and culture accordingly, they will be onboarded for your work. If you want to be part of the training, India Virtual Assistant welcomes your holy approach full heartedly. 

Step 5: Project execution & performance management 

Now, your hired virtual assistants are ready to take your tasks and deliver high-quality work as per the agreed qualify and efficiency norms. Each and every work will be reviewed by the project manager. So that clients can enjoy the desired quality they need to take their businesses to the next level. You will also get weekly and monthly reports, conduct regular communication and review the work. India Virtual Assistant is always looking to enhance the process and improve efforts whenever possible. 

Being the best virtual assistant company in India, India Virtual Assistant has been helping global businesses for decades. If you need expert hands that will take care of all your non-core yet important business activities, you should make no delay in hiring India Virtual Assistant.