India Vs. The Philippines in outsourcing: 3 logical facts end the battle forever

India Vs. The Philippines in outsourcing: 3 logical facts end the battle forever

Outsourcing companies have become the backbone of many global businesses. Instead of hiring in-house employees and increasing the employee management budget, businesses simply outsource their requirements to an outsourcing firm like India Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant can offer you in-house employee-like efficiency and make your business bloom. But when it comes to hiring virtual assistants, many companies cannot decide which country they should hire- India or the Philippines. If you, too, are thinking about outsourcing your requirements, you are facing the same dilemma. Let this blog help you to make an informed decision for your business. 

For decades, Asia has been the most sought-after outsourcing region. Cost-effectiveness, a skilled workforce, and a good grasp of the English language have made it the favorite outsourcing destination for many global businesses. 

If it comes to picking the ideal country between India and the Philippines- many will choose India. India is ahead in the race. For any other country, it will be very hard to leave India behind as it has more than 484 million employable people between the ages of 25 and 54. But the Philippines only has a 38 million employable population. So, it is easy to understand that India is better able to help you with more skilled employees and cost-effective virtual assistant services. 

Who leads the outsourcing race: India Virtual Assistant versus other countries

  1. Technology Integrated services 

At a time when the Philippines was the leader in providing voice-based services, as it boasts a larger population with an acquired American English accent. India was losing many projects to the Philippines. But the overall scenario has changed drastically due to technological advancement and strong government support in India. India is better than before. India is extremely dominant in the software development domain. It is getting back the technology-dependent BPO contracts. It has a large technology-aware manpower pool that can help businesses with next-level BPO services. Voice-based services are not enough in today’s scenario. Businesses need technology-supportedBPO services, and India-based outsourcing firms have mastered that. 

  1. E-Commerce support services 

eCommerce outsourcing is not only about voice-based customer support services. There are many other services that eCommerce businesses need. The Philippines is mainly focused on providing BPO and voice-based services. But nowadays, they are also trying to provide complete eCommerce solutions. India is playing quite differently here. From the very beginning, India-based outsourcing firms have been offering complete eCommerce support services. If you hire virtual assistants from India Virtual Assistant Company, they can help you with product listing, production description preparation, day-to-day data record preparation and maintenance, content moderating, and so many other services. All these services are mandatory and directly connected to the success of an eCommerce venture. So, if you are looking for complete eCommerce support services to handle the growing requirements of your eCommerce business, you should connect with India-based firms, preferably India Virtual Assistant. 

  1. Cloud-based business process as a service

We have already mentioned that business process outsourcing services are changing their traditional mask. Now, business process outsourcing services can be sourced from the cloud, and automation is simply overtaking human processes. With a fast-developing infrastructure, the Philippines is playing a key role as a service provider of BPaaS. You know that BPaaS is delivered through the internet. India has lots of scope for growth. It has dedicated undersea cables to ensure a secure internet infrastructure. The infrastructure is strong, and India has a huge young employable population to offer high-quality services at a reasonable rate. 

Now it comes to concluding the war of the India Virtual Assistant versus the Philippines Virtual Assistant. In this blog, you can see that India has greater potential than the Philippines. India has been improving its technological infrastructure, has a large employable population, and has tremendous government support. And you know that any business can grow better in such circumstances and offer better services. So, if you are considering outsourcing your non-core business requirements or hiring a virtual assistant, you should try Indian outsourcing firms this time. Specifically, you should connect with India Virtual Assistant to get high-quality services at a reasonable rate. 

Hope, this blog post is informative enough and helpful for you, and now you can easily make an informed business decision. Hiring a virtual assistant is a trend that benefits most businesses, helping them grow faster. If you want the same, make no delay in connecting with India Virtual Assistant.